District Assembly Videos

You can now order the videos of District Assembly, NMI, & DIG. 

Articles of Faith by Bobbie Jo King and Kelly Padgett are on the same DVD.

Call KWB at 804-931-8188 for more information.


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2019-2020 EVENTS




District MegaFest (Festival of Life)

November 22-23, 2019






"The Talk" Resources

As a parent, the 3 greatest resources you have, by far, are the 2 on either side of your head and the one under your nose. But some good resources can help you even more with your listening and your talking.



“Have you implemented a written sexual abuse protection policy on your church?”

Please visit our Abuse Protection Resources Policies page to get access to examples & resources.


Does your church give monthly contributions using "Funding the Mission"?

This is a great tool that automatically updates your funds and donations.

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District Prayer Guide (English)

District Prayer Guide (Spanish)