"The Talk"

As a parent, the 3 greatest resources you have, by far, are the 2 on either side of your head and the one under your nose. But some good resources can help you even more with your listening and your talking.


Principles to remember as you use resources:

1. Talk early, openly, and honestly with your kids. The more open the communication, the less the discomfort/awkward feelings

2. Not all resources are created equal! Make sure you’re comfortable with the message being sent! What’s wrong with this…(?)

“Sex can be a beautiful experience. It can also be a very emotional experience. That’s why it’s best to abstain, or wait until you’re in a committed, adult relationship, like marriage.” (www.greattowait.com)

3. Remember, nothing replaces YOU! SO STAY “ASK-ABLE!”...




Parent Toolbox

Human Sexuality & Marriage  (Manual 2017-2021- Paragraph 31) (This Manual paragraph should be read and understood by every Nazarene – clergy and laity.​)

Free Resources from Focus on the Family

Additional Resources for Purchase from Streams Resources



Resources in Spanish (español)

Caja de Herramientas para Padres

Sexualidad Humana y Matrimonio (Manual 2017-2021 - Párrafo 31) (Este párrafo del Manual debe ser leído y comprendido por todos los Nazarenos: clérigos y laicos).




Videos for purchase from TheSkitsGuys.com

The Story of Sex

Sex Talk

I had sex