Step 5 :: District License

RECEIVE YOUR DISTRICT LICENSE :: Candidates receiving their first district minister's license are expected to attend the district assembly that year. Having been approved by the district assembly, their license will be received through a special presentation during the ordination service of the district assembly.

Candidates who have received their district minister's license have a maximum of ten years to complete their educational requirements for ordination.  We expect each candidate to complete a minimum of two courses each year in order to maintain their district minister's license. A candidate must also receive the approval of his or her pastor, the local church board, the Ministerial Studies Board, and the Ministerial Credentials Board in order to maintain their district minister's license each year. (Note-if there is a felony conviction or a divorce in your history, the candidate will need to contact the Ministerial Credentials Secretary, Rev. Steven Guizar, to discuss potential barrier removal first, before applying for District License).

Each candidate is responsible to keep in touch with the District Resource Center in order to obtain schedules or meetings which they will be required to attend. Candidates must update the secretary of the Ministerial Studies Board with their current address, phone number, and email address. Candidates must also notify the Dean of the District Training Center, Rev. Brad Billett, of any change in their address information.

* Steps 3, 4, and 5 will need to be repeated annually
for the renewal of your District License until you receive
your Ordination Credential - Step 6.